Swelling below my Lower Right Jaw

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Author: RajK

I developed a swelling 3 months back near my lower right jawline. I immediately showed it to a dentist who directed me to a maxillofacial doctor, who recommended biopsy to ensure if its not a malignant tumor. He operated and removed the swollen part citing it as the lymph node swelling. However, while I was waiting for my biopsy report, the swelling reappeared, this time more prominent. It also started paining me now. The biopsy report came in after 6 weeks, but it also said that there is no bacteria or virus in it, in other words the swelling needs to be evaluated further for other causes. I have also developed increasing dryness in the mouth since 3 months. I then went to a general physician, who has referred me to an ENT specialiste. I will be waiting for the appointment now while this swelling keeps growing. Its paining me a lot. After the surgery, I have also lost hair near the swollen bump. Please advice what it could be? How should I proceed further?