Cure of chronic depression, diabetes, obesity and anxiety

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Author: Rahul Gupta

My life was living hell due to depression for 29 years from 1985-2014 with more than 30 symptoms including anxiety, restlessness, sleep problems,  insulin resistance and hypoglycaemic episodes, Diabetes from last 3 years, high BP from last 5 years and obesity, gluten sensitivity multiple food allergies, weak immune system, attempted serious suicide in July 2010 and it is recorded in my AIIMS patient record, all doctors including AIIMS(after 2year treatment) said we have no solution to your problem.. No Allopathic, homeopathic, Ayurveda medicine, yoga, acupuncture, meditation was able to help me beyond 15%. I started to take some herbs, vitamins, minerals under guidance of a doctor based in Delhi. I started to feel better and after 3 years of taking these herbs, vitamins, minerals. I am free from almost all symptoms(90% relief) and suicidal thoughts have disappeared and now I am enjoying life. I have lost 18 kg weight in last 3 years and I have reversed the diabetes and its symptoms especially hypoglycaemic episodes which are very painful. I have completely stopped taking allopathic medicines from last 2 years. now my blood pressure is around 115/70 as compared to 142/95 few years back. decreased weight  from 101 to 83 kg -1.5 to -.5 and near vision from +1.25 to + 0.5… My CRP down from 1.03 to 0.1 ..90 percent reduction My testosterone levels increased from 344 to 508  My insulin level reduced from 21.3 to 7.77 All tests done from THYROCARE

There are basically 2 types of medicines available to mankind first is natural for example vitamin A, B, C, D, E, calcium, iron, potassium.  these chemicals were present millions years back in nature and these are also present in a new born baby, these are  non-harming to human body most (99.9%)of the time you should not fear such type of medicines they are as good as or as bad as our food……second are new synthetic chemicals made by man in laboratories mostly petrochemical derivative drugs for example Paracetamol which were not present in nature even today and these are always harmful beyond your imagination to human body. you should stay away from such medicines.

8 lakh people die in USA every year due to prescription drugs/medicines/surgeries/procedures/hospital acquired infection. when taken according to doctors’ advice and when taken as directed by doctors.

The United States spent $3.2 trillion on health care in 2015. Total U.S. health spending reached nearly $10,000 per person which is approximately Rupees 6.5 lakhs per person per year. As a share of the economy, it is17.8% of GDP.