Mutually incompatible foods

According to Ayurveda, certain foods are not beneficial but cause harm if taken together. These are called mutually incompatible foods. These `paired’ food-items are indicated below.
• Milk and lemon
• Peanut and water
• Milk and Salt/Salty substances
• Guava and water
• Milk and Curd/yoghurt
• Cucumber and water
• Milk and oil/Oily substances
• Water melon and water
• Milk and radish
• Cucumber and Tea
• Milk and fish
• Milk and banana
• Curd and banana
• Curd and hot substances
• Honey and warm water
• Honey and fish
• Honey and hot substances
• Honey and ghee
• Honey and radish
• Fish and jaggery
• Milk and pork
• Milk and jamun (Euginia jambolana)
• Milk and melon
It is advisable not to take the above combination of foods, for they leave a poisonous effect on the body.