Memory power increase

Author: Arun Kumar, age 60, Faridabad

Over the last 10  to 15 years, I  had started feeling that I was unable to remember names and numbers. Many times, I would see and meet someone and would forget his name and face after a few months. Sometimes that person would meet me accidentally and recognize me while I had to face the embarrassment of asking him who he was. I was just not able to remember telephone numbers and addresses. That is is sharp contrast to the fact that as a teenager I had a very sharp memory in as much as I could remember names and dates for months.

During the year 2016, I started taking Amla powder regularly for bowel evacuation. The prime purpose was to get a complete and clear bowel evacuation early morning. The alma powder worked well in my chronic constipation problem but I could see that my memory had started getting sharper. My thinking and analyzing power had become quicker. I was able to remember 10 digit mobile telephone numbers with relative ease. I took Amla powder regularly for many months. I am now going to resume its regular intake after obtaining pure organic Amla powder.