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Hydrotherapy refers to the treatment of disease by the use of water. Many strong proponents of hydrotherapy have extolled it as a viable curative treatment for many diseases. The human body consists of 70% water. It is said that any water imbalance in the body in any organ or tissue forms the basis of disease. Hydrotherapy perhaps aims to correct this imbalance by the use of water. Water is used in this treatment in many ways. Oral intake is one way, water bath is another. Water douche or anima is yet another way. There are many remarkable cases of success in the treatment of diseases through Hydrotherapy. Some of the techniques of hydrotherapy are indicated as follows.

  1. Oral intake of water according to specific schedules prescribed for specific ailments or diseases.
  2. Hip bath
  3. Hot foot bath
  4. Genitals bath
  5. Wet packs for the chest and the waist
  6. Fomentation with steam
  7. Kunjal (covered under Yogic techniques)
  8. Jalneti (covered under Yogic techniques)
  9. Back bath or spinal bath

All the above techniques are very useful as accessory or supplementary treatments. In many cases, however, these techniques on their own are capable of bringing about a complete cure, depending upon type, severity and chronicity of disease. 

Interested persons should undertake any or more of the above treatment under the guidance and supervision of a professional, experienced naturopath only.