Cancer is not a disease

Author: Atul Kumar

Cancer is not a disease. It is a business. The sooner we understand this hard fact, the better it will be for all of us.

Treatment of cancer lies in lifestyle correction and adopting basic and commonsense rules of healthy living.

It lies in following a natural lifestyle.

It lies in moderation in eating, drinking, sleep and sex.

It lies in avoiding chemical based drugs or chemicalised foodstuffs containing artificial colours, chemical based preservatives, emulsifiers or flavours.

It lies in eating superfood category items rich in antioxidants like germinated or sprouted grains, wheat gram juice, kernels of fruits etc.

This is my experience based on observations and popular feedbacks.

I relate here now my observational experience of a case of blood cancer. The 20 year old  son of my friend was found to have lukaemia. Treatment under the modern Allopathic system was immediately commenced. It was a case of fast progressing blood cancer and the boy needed bone marrow transplantation as per the doctors treating him. He was given the bone marrow replacement treatment abroad ( not in India). The boy seemed to improve for some time but after that his condition began to deteriorate fast. After  approximately two years, the boy succumbed to his disease.