*BODY TALKS………….. 13 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To The Emotional States*

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*BODY TALKS………….. 13 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To The Emotional States*
DIS-EASE  (I AM NOT AT EASE) is just an emotional state of mind.
Chronic pain is not only caused by physical injury, but also caused by stress and emotional issues.
Let’s take a look at what pain in a particular area of your body indicates and how to self heal ourselves:
Headaches (little or chronic) can be caused by invalidating the self.Self-criticism. Fear.
Self-Heal : Do left nostril breathing (Chandra nadi).
Inhale-Exhale through left nostril 2 sets of 10 counts twice a day.
Neck pain represents inflexibility & stubbornness.
Self-Heal : Rotate the neck clock – anticlockwise 50 times.
*3. Shoulders*
Pain in the shoulders indicate that the person carries a heavy emotional burden. Shoulders carry everything.
Self-Heal : Rotate the shoulders clock-anticlockwise for 50 times.
*4.Upper Back*
Upper back pain manifests lack of emotional support.  Holding back feelings or doesn’t feel appreciated or loved.
Self-Heal : Place the hand in Namaste position in the centre of the chest, thumbs touching the chest. Apply pressure with the thumbs to the chest and exhale through the mouth.Do it 20 times.
*5.Lower Back*
Pain in the lower back indicates fear of money, lack of financial support.
Self-Heal : Do visualisation meditation (imagine yourself)  counting a bundle of notes. Do it daily.(Fake it till you make it).
 Elbows and arms signify a lack of capacity & ability to hold the experiences of life. Resisting change of directions and acceptance.
Self-Heal : Just wrap your hands around yourself as if hugging your own self and say this to yourself..
“I trust, love, accept, approve and forgive myself.” As many times as possible everyday.
Pain in the hands may be caused by all ways of dealing with hold & handle, clutch & grip, grasping & letting go.
Self-Heal : Hold a pen/pencil tightly in your hand (image that the object (pen/pencil) is the xyz situation of ones life) then when ready to “Release” the situation just throw the pen/pencil with full force & free yourself.
*8. Abdomen*
Undigested thoughts.
Self-Heal : Place your hands on the belly button(navel) & do 4-4-4-4 count breathing.
4 count Inhale
4 count Hold
4 count Exhale
4 count Hold.
Do it as long as comfortable.
Major thrust in moving forward.
Self-Heal : Sit on the floor placing the legs straight try walking lifting the hips.Walk 25 steps forward & 25 steps backwards.
Pain in the knee is a sign of pride & ego.
Self-Heal : Lie down on the floor, place the left ankle over the right knee & move the right knee up & down for 5 minutes. Then do the same with right ankle placing it above the left knee for 5 minutes.
Calf pain is caused by stress, emotional tension.
Self-Heal : Press the tender point 20 times located exactly in the centre of the calf(behind). Twice daily.
Pain in ankles mean lack of ability to receive pleasure.
Self-Heal : Lie down on the floor, legs slightly apart & rotate the ankles clock-anticlockwise 50 times.
Feet pain represnts our lack of ability to  understandable one self, life or others.
Self-Heal : Take a tennis ball & place it under the feet & roll on it. Can do it while sitting or standing.
Do these exercises & observe self.. Lets help the body heal itself  automatically.