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Auto urine (or self urine) therapy– need for research and greater application

As a part of the naturopathic scheme of treatment of diseases, auto-urine therapy has been in evidence for a long time. But not many would know that this therapy has been in vogue in medieval as well as ancient world. The great utility of auto-urine therapy has been delineated in Ayurvedic texts which have extolled auto-urine as a potent panacea for many illnesses. Few would know that even the Bible in its old edition suggests under fifth chapter, “Drink water out of thine own cistern”.

In ancient Indian medical texts like ‘Harit Samhita’ and ‘Bhavaprakash’ and in a text on ‘Tantra’ (spiritual healing) known as ‘Damar-Tantra’, auto urine therapy and the great, almost magical power of self-urine to cure disease and to impart strength, health and longevity of an unimaginably high degree have been described. To quote a few verses from ‘Damar-Tantra’,

  • Use of self -urine for three months provides freedom from most common ailments.
  • Use of self-urine for five months imparts, divine vision, i.e. the ability to gaze into the past and future.
  • Nine months of use provides freedom from even the most obstinate, difficult disease and gives great physical strength  and valour
  • One year of use imparts power and brilliance like the Sun.
  • Two years of use provides such great power that the person vanquishes earth elements i.e. he acquires ability to survive without solid food.
  • Three years of use and the person vanquishes water elements i.e. he becomes able to survive without water.
  • Four year of use of this ‘divine potion’ (self-urine) makes the user impervious to fire i.e fire cannot burn him.
  • After five years of use, one vanquishes the air elements i.e. acquires ability to survive without air.

Some of the statements reproduced from ‘Damar-Tantra’ here would certainly appear out of tune with the reality of contemporary life, almost ludicrous. But it must be remembered by the intelligent reader that human life in the present age of ‘Kaliyuga’ has many imperfections. When viewed in comparison with the quality of life and achievements of human beings in previous mega-ages or ‘yuga’ viz ‘Dwapar-yuga’ and ‘Treta-yuga’, the present accomplishments of man through science and technology appears too gross, inferior. Man’s knowledge of nature, in the context of the settings of modern scientific theories is still in its infancy. There is much more that science has to unravel in its progress towards uncovering the secrets of spiritual phenomena. Suffice it to say that medical technology in the world of barely 6000 year ago was far more advanced than it is today and people had average life spans of 125 or 150 years in the age. ‘Mahabharata’, the Hindu scripture of that period reveals it to us. Therefore, no intelligent and logical minded person can dismiss all this as a figment of imagination.

Not to digress from our subject of the virtues of self-urine, we come back to the modern notions about auto-urine therapy. In 1695, a book titled ‘Salmons English Physician’ was published in England which gives an account of the powers of auto-urine for curing effectively many human diseases. Similar account is available in another 18th century book published in England and titled ‘one thousand noble things’. More recent and better known is a book, `The water of life’ written by John W. Armstrong. In this book, the writer had given details of his experimentation with auto urine therapy on his own self and other persons with successful, miraculous results. In India, late R.M. Patel and Morarji Desai have been famous exponents of auto-urine  therapy. Late Morarji Desai, who had a chequered career as a statesman-politician and had the distinction  of having served as the Prime Minister of India lived a long, healthy life of 98 years, thanks to auto-urine which he regularly took. He strongly advocated auto-urine intake and extolled its virtues as a great elixir, the ‘water of life’.

In Ayurvedic philosophy, the principle of ‘like cures like’ has been enunciated. It is around this principle that the practice of Homoeopathy is developed. The same principle forms the basis of the vastly successful practice of vaccination. Human urine or auto urine is believed to consist of two types of substances -useful nutrient substances not assimilated by the body and toxins which are released by morbid tissues. When the urine is `recycled’ or taken back into the system, the useful substances are assimilated by the body and the poisonous substances destroy disease. The toxins remove morbidity of the tissues in accordance with the principle of like cures like. Thus the benefit of auto-urine therapy is twofold. If not only cures disease but also nourishes the body thus enhancing its strength and endurance.

Some of the diseases which can be cured through auto-urine therapy are indicated below.

  1. Asthma
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Low blood pressure
  4. Piles
  5. Fistula
  6. Diabetes
  7. Stones in the kidney or gall bladder
  8. Gangrene
  9. Tuberculosis
  10. Heart disease
  11. Jaundice
  12. Obesity
  13. Arthritis/gout
  14. Defective vision (eye diseases)
  15. Psoriasis
  16. Spondilytis
  17. Cataract
  18. Deafness
  19. Dental and gum troubles
  20. Epilepsy
  21. Cancer

For the benefit of the readers, it would be in the proper scheme of things to lay down the broad modalities of auto-urine therapy though in actual practice a patient is advised to undertake the therapy only under the guidance of a qualified Naturopathic Doctor.

There are five broad ways or modes of auto-urine therapy.

  1. Massage with urine
  2. Oral intake of urine
  3. Oral intake alongwith fasting
  4. Use of bandages prepared with urine
  5. Other modes using various natural accessories

Important rules to be observed for successful auto-urine therapy  are also mentioned below.

  1. While urinating, collect urine not at the beginning or end of urination but that in the middle of urination because the latter is considered most beneficial. Oral intake dose of urine is usually 100 to 200 ml.
  2. Do not take any medicine while undertaking auto-urine therapy. In fact the therapy should be commenced only four days after stopping the medicine.
  3. Reasonable amount of restraint in matter of indulgence in sex should be observed during the period of auto-urine therapy. Ideally, one should observe sexual continence during this period.
  4. Use of liquor, tobacco and other narcotics should be discontinued before auto-urine therapy is started.
  5. During the period of auto-urine therapy, use of foods containing chemical additives and preservatives and hot, sour and spicy foods is also not considered desirable. Whatever the skeptics may say, the value of urine as a potent natural medicine for many an illness cannot be discounted. For the following diseases, auto-urine therapy holds great promise and intensive study, experimentation and research needs to be conducted for deriving benefit from it. This is especially important in the light of the fact that these diseases have hitherto found no satisfactory cure under the modern allopathic system of medicine.
  6. Psoriasis
  7. AIDS
  8. Cancer
  9. Gangrene

AIDS and Cancer treatment certainly can get immense benefit from auto-urine therapy. Where billions of dollars are being spent all over the world on the research as well as treatment of these diseases, auto-urine therapy costs nothing ! The all benevolent nature has given man diseases but also medicine to combat these death-dealing diseases. This medicine is self-urine, the supreme elixir of life.

Before bringing this discussion to a close, it would be proper to indicate the following facts for the information of the naive reader who might begin to expect a bit too much from auto-urine therapy.

  1. Congenital deformities/diseases cannot be cured by auto-urine or self-urine therapy.
  2. Even after one has attained success in treatment of a disease through auto-urine therapy, he has to follow the basic rules suggested by Ayurveda for keeping `doshas’ in normal condition for preventing any recurrence of the disease.