Treatment of Crohn’s disease (Anaemia and debility)

Author: Gian Sagar

My haemoglobin level had fallen to the range of 8.8 to 9 and the same had been going on for about 2 to 3 years and I was feeling a general tiredness and lack of vigour and vitality. I had been experiencing debility, fatigue and general lassitude for quite some time when I checked in with the local doctor who prescribed me folic acid, calcium and iron as dietary supplements and after seeing no benefits, he referred me to the R&R Hospital for further diagnostic tests by the Specialist. Initial investigations at the hospital revealed no serious abnormality and I was referred to a gastroenterologist for further tests. Then endoscopy and MRI scan were done on me and it was deduced that something was probably wrong with the intestine. Thereafter, colonoscopy was done which did not reveal any abnormality. After that I was referred to different Specialists for the purpose of screening  for TB or Crohn’s disease. They took a chest X ray of me and performed Respiratory tests which revealed no abnormality. Thereafter, three cultures were taken from lungs as a part of  further examination process. But these cultures and the Bronchoscopy did not indicate TB. Since TB was ruled out, I was referred back to gastroenterologist for Crohn’s disease treatment because a concrete diagnosis of lower intestinal inflammation had been done and it was decided to start treatment for that. After commencing treatment for Crohn’s disease, my haemoglobin level has gone up and ESR level has fallen down—showing overall improvement. But I am still away from a complete cure and am taking the treatment , now for many months.

I would like someone to guide me through this website what better I can do to help myself.